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  • SNA activities
  • Departmental activities
  • Inter & Intra College activities
  • Extra-CurricularActivities like food carnival, sports, culturals, etc..


  • Student will not be allowed into the college without the prescribed uniform and Identity Card.
  • They should be clean & neatly dressed.
  • Clean shave and short hair is must.
  • Girls should have the hair tied back above the neck. Nails should be trimmed regularly.
  • Jewelry is prohibited.
  • Girls should wear only small studs.
  • Students should come with identity card, issued by the institution.
  • Students should be punctual.
  • Students shall not leave the college premises during the class hours without prior permission from the Principal.
  • Late comers will not be permitted to attend the classes.
  • Regular attendance is a must. Leave should be taken only with prior permission of the Principal.
  • Failing which the student can attend the consecutive day only after an explanation given by the parents in person.
  • Students with shortage of attendance will not be eligible to appear for University examination.
  • Ragging is strictly prohibited and will be punished.
  • Students are not allowed to bring or use mobile phones inside the college campus or during the clinical visit